What We Do

As leading tradesmen we cover all aspect of plastering.

External Plastering

When choosing an external plaster for your project you need to consider a number of things. The aesthetics of the plaster we find is the primary factor in choosing a plaster but it is important to also consider durability, water absorption, local building regulations and any preservation orders on the building. 

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Internal Plastering

Our experienced plasterers work to the highest of standards to give you a strong, durable and smooth finish. 
This high quality finish provides a perfect base for future decorating and overall high that will impress. 
Our team regularly takes on both big and small plastering jobs for both private and commercial clients. 

Machine Plastering

At O’ Flaherty Lanigan we have invested in the latest plastering technology to ensure your project is completed to the highest of standards and at the best price. 

Our plastering machine is ideal for larger jobs with a large surface areas to be covered. It speeds up large projects and reduces the manpower required to complete a project. 

Lime Plastering

Lime plastering/rendering is a traditional type of plastering on walls that were  built using old rubble and porous brick. It was applied to these type of walls to protect them from driving wind and rain. The Lime plaster/render absorbed the rain and then allowing it to evaporate before penetrating the walls. 


Insulation Plastering

Older walls may not be insulated to todays standards. To improve the insulation on older walls we can fit insulated plasterboard to your perimeter walls. Insulated plasterboard  helps retain the heat within your home and reduce your heating costs. Adding insulated plasterboard is a good idea during a home renovation. 


Plaster Boarding\Slabbing

Plaster boarding or slabbing is one of the first jobs we do when we start a job. Slabbing provides an ideal surface for future skimming.


Colour Rendering

Colour render is available in a wide range fo colours and it can be integrated with a range of finishes if required. Advantages of coloured render are

  • Low maintenance
  • No painting

Plastering Repairs

At O’ Flaherty Lanigan we can look after your plaster repairs. We can do plaster repairs to you internal and external walls.
We regularly do plaster repairs as part of home renovations or conservation works on old buildings. We can work with both new and old plasters as required.

external wall insulation

External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation offers you a way to improve the overall thermal efficiency of your building. 

With external wall insulation we fix a layer of insulation to your external walls. We then apply a render of your choosing to complete the finish. 

External wall insulation is idea for houses built without cavity insulation or for walls with only a thin layer of insulation in the cavity. The advantages of External wall insulation are that it reduces heat loss, does not disrupt the house during application and it does not reduce the internal dimensions of you building.

wet dash plastering

Sand and Cement Knapp Finish

A Knapp plaster finish is a plaster made of sand and cement. It has a slight stipple effect created using the float or a sponge. It is a popular finish for houses in Ireland.


Wet Dash

Wet dash is a form of render used for the external walls of a buildings in which the top coat is textured by pebbles and stone fragments to create a rough finish. The wall surface is plastered with render and the mixture of stones and pebble material thrown and pressed in while wet

Dry Dash

Dry dash is used as a decorative finish to external buildings and walls. Generally the decorative pebble is applied onto a base coat mixture of sand and cement. The decorative pebble protrudes from the white or rendered background.